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We have been exporting our products to Pakistan, Iran, Dubai, Qatar, Afghanistan and Maldives. Our product never been compromised with our clients and proved as the hassle-free trader faith with our customers around the world. Our products always meets the two main factors a) Price and b) Quality. We always strive hard to provide the best quality products of Sri Lanka.

Below are the products exported:

Fresh Coconuts

Exporting Fresh Coconuts mostly to Pakistan, Iran and other countries.

King Coconuts

Exporting quality Fresh King Coconuts mostly to Middle Eastern countries.

Coco Peat

Exporting quality Coco peat separated as a by-product during the coir production process.

Fruits & Vegetables

Exporting quality fresh fruits and vegetables to Maldives and Middle Eastern countries.

Flavours & Fragrances

Exporting quality Essential Oils & Perfumery Bases to US & EU countries.

We import several products from India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Vietnam. We have got some premium suppliers who never compromise the quality and standard of the product. Using these great quality products we have been marketing most in Colombo and Puttalam markets in Sri Lanka. And we are much glad to business with our local clients with sincere business.

Below are the products imported:

Dried Sprats / Anchovies

Importing No.1 quality Dried Fish Sprats from Thailand.

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The company

  • We are an international trading company in Sri Lanka with having over 18 years of quality supply excellence to our clients worldwide. We are glad to be a prominent international trader in the Agri industry and also we are very much satisfied and encouraged to continue and develop with every-growing demands. We are proud and honoured for satisfying the customers globally.

    Trading Business is passion and dream...